discover nearly a century of remarkable history and unsurpassed style

Previously known as Bonj ‘les bains’, the synonym for luxury, lavishness and style, the beach club was re-branded in 2020 and received a complete makeover. Now better known as Beach Club Hvar, it has grown into unprecedented leader in this industry.

The rich history of Beach Club Hvar goes back 1927, when it was built according to the project of a Hvar architect, engineer Silvio Sponza (1889-1960) and made from pure and shiny white Hvar stone. This was one of the most famous architectural structures at that time, unique for its white stone colonnades and style in that period.

It was known as a city or public beach and was the center of Hvar’s daily tourist life during the 1920s and 1930s. It was a place where people and families would meet to have fun and rest.

At that time, on Sunday’s, however, the city brass band played, and competitions were held in swimming, rowing, tug-of-war, as well as in cooking, often competing on who would make the most delicious fish broth.